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Upsilon Photography :: Raphaël Fleury :: Professional photographer Freiburg Switzerland

Portrait of the enterprise

Upsilon Photography is a swiss enterprise founded by Raphaël Fleury having most of his activities and clients in Switzerland and especially in the region of Fribourg and around. Since his creation in 2008, his unique goal has to provide professional services, regular and trustful. So our experience and high quality equipment allows to cover big events and complete the needs of big structures.

Besides B2B services and school pictures (, Upsilon Photography offers other services to private customers, such as outdoor or studio portraits, fashion book for models, events reportages (wedding, baptism, birthday), cleaning of photo sensors, digitization and improvment of old photographs, Photoshop and photography lessons.

Our photo store is located in Fribourg. As we use to receive our customers in our studio, you're pleased to make an appointment before coming visit us.

Photographer's portrait

RaphaŽl Fleury Photographer Fribourg Switzerland

I was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. As soon as I could, I began to travel on my own; I wanted to go each time further, stay longer and understand deeper. Therefore my passion for photography began. As well as fishing which goal is not to bring fishes but spending time outside the daily routine and improving the technique, the photography is for me a pretext to discover improbable places and people. It's a game to play without heaviness but with application and respect.


When I came back after one year in South America in 2004, I showed my photographs to the enterprise Ilford. They decided to support me and organize some exhibitions with my pictures. I began then to invest in professional material, I rent a place to install a photo studio, and that was the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Some years later, I made my activity official by registering the enterprise Upsilon Photography.

This art has interesting opposite directions: it can be a challenge for the photographer to realize, on photosensitive paper, scenes he has in mind; or contrariwise it can give rise to fantasies and imagination of people watching a picture. In a world where we see everywhere movies and ads at more than 24 images per second, I try to produce pictures that people will see at least during 24 seconds. A luxury in this numeric era where everything is fast and ephemeral.